Early Signs of Gutter Problems

When it comes to protection and safety, the house’s roof plays a crucial role. This is something that most people know and the very reasons why they do not take lightly roof maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis. You probably have heard that it is important to maintain and clean the shingles as they form the protective later of the roof. However, there is also one important roof part that you should not forget: the gutter. Gutter repair and cleaning are something that can be done by you considering that issues are small and that you already have experience in roof repair. Otherwise, we recommend that you seek professional help to avoid accidents and injuries.

In this article, we will share with you some telltale signs that your gutter has problems so you can provide immediate attention and interventions to prevent further damage.

Early Signs of Gutter Problems

1.Pooling water

If you are experiencing pooling water, this is more likely caused by some cracks on the gutter, which makes it inefficient in collecting and draining rainwater from the roof. It is better that you check it immediately to avoid longer inconvenience and further roof damage due to leakage, dampness, and mold growth.

2.Mulch stains on your siding

If you do not see any pooling, but notice some stain and dirt steaks near the house’s foundation, this can also be caused by a potential gutter problem. It means that the gutter cracks are not too big to create water pooling but enough to splash some water on the house’s siding that creates the stains. This could progress into mold growth and damage not just on your gutter and roof, but also to your siding and wall.

3.Repeated clogging

Clogging on your gutter is a normal situation especially during fall as leaves can block and clog the draining system in the gutter. You just need to clean it up and everything will be back to normal. However, when this occurs frequently, or multiple times in the same season, it is better that you check your gutter for you might need some gutter repair. When minor cracks develop and debris start to build up in the gutter, this might cause further damage and more repair costs.

4.Rusty and chips from the paint

When you notice some paint chipped away from the gutter’s surface, it is recommended that you repaint it as the paint serves as a protective layer of the gutter. When it is devoid of the necessary protection, it becomes more susceptible to damage.

In addition to that, when you notice some rust streaks on the house’s siding, it is also a telltale sign that the gutters finish is wearing away. Again, necessary intervention is required.

Final thoughts

When you notice and experience the telltale signs of a damaged gutter, it is important that you take action as immediately as possible. When you crack, holes, build up and worn out protection are left unattended and unrepaired, this potentially develops to serious and bigger roof issues. Again, if you are not confident with your repairing skills, it is better that you contact a professional repair company.

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