Tips to Choose the Right DUI Lawyer to Legally Represent You

A great DUI defense lawyer can assist you in minimizing your fine, reducing your sentence in jail, and even in clearing your record. Although, choosing the best DUI lawyers Tampa for your needs isn’t always smooth sailing. Sometimes, it could get really hard. Given that there are a lot of lawyers now being advertised online and even on TV, you can get a hard time in determining which lawyer you should hire. You can simply choose the perfect lawyer for your needs once you follow the dew criteria we outline below. Keep on reading to know more:

Great defense strategy

You need to know the defense strategy of your potential attorney. They need to be able to discuss their possible strategies and their expected results to you. This way, you can do an informed choice. When their strategy seems to be reasonable, then you can start ahead from now on and work with them.


A DUI defense attorney needs to know well about your specific problem for them to come up with a great defense. Ideally, you’ll need to collaborate with a lawyer who has a long history when it comes to defending individuals who were caught driving under the influence. Such kind of attorneys will fully understand your case more than somebody who doesn’t have focus. To make sure that you’ll get great outcomes, your DUI lawyer must never be a similar person whom you hired to draft your will. Know that just because one is a lawyer does not mean that he/she is proficient when it comes to DUI cases. You need to hire attorneys who concentrate on DUI cases.

First impressions last

You need to consider your first impressions while meeting with them for the first time. A reputable lawyer will appear to be well-spoken and well presented. If you think they are knowledgeable and articulate, they will look the same way in front of the jury and judge in the courtroom. When they look confused and flustered, there might be tendencies that they will also bring such qualities to the court, which is a major ingredient for a disaster.

Record of success

One thing you need to find out in a DUI defense lawyer is their record of success. Your lawyer must willingly provide you a review of their previous and recent experience while handling DUI cases. Also, they need to be transparent about how many cases they have lost and won. But, you should never rely on your ultimate decision on the loose and win rate of a lawyer. In other cases, a low win rate could mean that the lawyer is a game for taking difficult cases. On the other hand, a high win rate may mean that a lawyer only took simple cases. Hence, before you hire your lawyer, make sure to request them to discuss what their win rate means in terms of their practice. Moreover, ask them for some testimonials or reviews from their clients.